Trade Secret Litigation

Trade secrets protect many of a company’s most-valued intellectual assets, such as formulas, fabrication techniques, data compilations, and business intelligence. With the high employee turnover, shortened lifespan and digitization of technology, and complex business structures of today’s competitive environment, protecting trade secrets has never been more important. Deciding if, when, and how to litigate a possible misappropriation is a critical part of maintaining trade secret protection and enforcing a robust intellectual property strategy. When litigation is necessary to resolve a trade secret dispute, we are ready to assist, whether the claim is brought in state court, federal court, or in the International Trade Commission.

Fitch Even litigators have handled a wide variety of trade secret misappropriation cases in various states over the years. Our deep bench of seasoned trial attorneys pride themselves on being ultra-prepared for the often exigent circumstances of trade secret misappropriation actions. Remedies in these actions can include fast-paced TROs and preliminary injunctions, and our nimble litigation teams are well versed in executing winning strategies in these situations. Our teams have obtained injunctive and monetary relief against parties that have misappropriated the trade secrets of our clients, and we have successfully defended against unfounded claims of misappropriation through trial and appeal.

Case Studies

Winning a North Carolina Trade Secrets Trial

Client:  Bridgetree, Inc., a privately held corporation that provides marketing data, information, analytics, and logistics services to consumer marketing companies

Problem: An employee of Bridgetree abruptly left the company, misappropriated our client’s proprietary software for customer analytics, went to work for a competitor company, and recruited other Bridgetree employees for the new operation.

Solution: Fitch Even filed suit in federal court in North Carolina, our client’s home state, alleging multiple causes of action, including trade secret misappropriation.

Result: After a two-week trial, the jury rendered a verdict in favor of Bridgetree and awarded damages of $4.2 million to our client.

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